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why did no one tell me that Colonel Sheppard was adorable?!?!?!?!... I mean in personality, I'd seen pictures of course, but I would have watched this show (and therefore had a new fandom) WAY SOONER if i'd known

clicky for the pretty

Whenever I see this photo of Chris I can't help thinking of AU's where Kirk is some sort of demon out of Supernatural... or maybe an angel? or maybe just a secret agent with a wicked side, but no matter which it is, Sulu is obviously his.... handler

Oh come on Hikaru! Don't look at me like that! I can explain....Collapse )

pretty boys and fic ideas

delicious hoodies... only a week of vacation left!Collapse )

also on the docket just so i don't forget: Kirk/Sulu domestic fluff shaving fic and one where they have to deal with a phobic asshole and his hetero assumptions about wedding rings and kirk or sulu gets to set them 'straight'
Went out to the club for the first time in what (distressingly) appears to be almost a year. Took in the drag show before dancing and now can't get the idea of Sulu (or Eames) as a drag queen and Kirk (or Arthur) as a regular who only tips Sulu (or Eames) ... lots of ribbing and speculation from supporting cast members and somehow things develop from there

SO... what songs would Sulu (or Eames) perform to??

also... how to side-step from performer/fan dynamic to romancy shmoop??

input much appreciated as i need this fic like burning and figure if i want it... well, i'm just going to have to write it aren't i??

I do actually still love these boys

*waves sheepishly* hey everyone! sooooooooooo

Don't I know you?? No NO! I just ummmm... have one of those faces??Collapse )

yeah.... I'm going to be around though, have some plans and some time so... keep an eye out if you like


i.... am alive, and done with my first round of university exams..... also i've been cheating on every-one with Eames/Arthur over at AO3

so tell me boys, how big was it???Collapse )

hey there

today the boys are scruffy yet pleased... much like myselfCollapse )

so.... i'm alive...

I managed to get my heaping crap-ton of stuff all to the right place over the course of this last week.... i knew that i had a ridiculous amount of books and clothes... but i had no idea that i had accumulated this truly ridiculous amount of stuff over the last three years

We have managed to unpack and set up the kitchen and the living room so far (holy shit seven six foot bookcases worth of books o_0) but i have made absolutely no progress on getting my stuff sorted through at all what with the working ALL THE TIME and trying desperately to get ready for school

also, i have no internet at the new place and probably wont for a while still so updates will be few and far between for a bit, but hopefully the next time i manage to hop on here i'll either have a long enough chunk of time to read and comment on all of the lovely fic i've missed or to actually post something of my own

we'll see

in short: hoshit life got real, and *hugs* to all you amazing folks, hopefully i'll be seeing more of you soon
 I feel kind of like an epic tool, but as occasionally happens... real life has decided to eat me for the time being

I'm not so great at socialization at the best of times, and evidently this is true even when that socialization happens on the internet....

essentially: sorry for disappearing... it doesn't mean that i don't love you guys, cause i totally do... i just apparently fail at being around... for serious though... *epic love for you all*

I still want to finish my ksrelativity  fic... obviously i didn't even come close to finishing it by the deadline and honestly I have no illusions that I'll magically be able to finish it before the end of the month grace period so nicely given by the mods... *epic fail*

I'm still going to give my bigbang a shot because giving up before actually trying makes no sense... but yeah... holding your breath on that does not come highly recommended

On the kirk/sulu front... the new mods got in touch with me about possibly running a feature... but haven't responded to my response... i have no idea if this is due to LJ (and they're sitting around thinking i'm snubbing them or holding a grudge) or due to normal failure to communicate

On the plus side... my real life is changing in pretty awesome (if time consuming) ways

also.... i've been cheating on you all with arthur/eames fic over at AO3 (the obsession came for me out of nowhere I couldn't help myself... thankfully i have no desire to participate in the fandom... i just like to watch *filthy grin*)

I know i've said it before... but really i should just give in and turn this journal into an epic land of recs since what i seem to be really good for around here is reading fic (not writing it OBVIOUSLY)

Have some pretty boys (maybe they will assist you in forgiving me for being a bad internet friend/author/contributor)


not that i have a problem with that... i've been on LJ in some form for ten years and i am loyal and love them to death just... ya know... wanted to give you pretty boys at least

*le sigh*
 Sorry i haven't been around. Life is eating my brain.

short story: 
- reached new commitment plateau with boyfriend of 4.5 years (i have super trust issues.... i move at a glacial pace)
- found out that despite four years of insistence to the contrary... said boyfriend's ex-wife wants him to take their daughter 1-2 nights a week (she drops this bomb three weeks before boy and i are scheduled to move in together..... DO NOT WANT).... don't get me wrong, she's adorable and i would kick the boy in the nuts if he weren't a marvelous father but.... see previous glacial pace statement.... i CANNOT go from zero to occasional live in step-daughter, no matter how wonderful she is..... BOY AGREES but this is going to blow up in our faces i can tell.
- this lead directly to us firmly deciding to close the door on the idea of having children... seriously, like snipping his bits (which is fine... i have 12 nieces and nephews and no real desire to be a mom.... but i HATE CLOSING DOORS... and suffer from residual societal norm pressure)
- got financial aide statement for first year at 'big girl university'.... does not cover all of tuition and fully half of what it does cover is state funded.... FUNDED BY THE GOVERNMENT THAT IS CURRENTLY SHUT DOWN.... if it doesn't come through i cannot pay for college.... but you see, i HAVE TO because i already committed to *hyperventilates*
- orientation and sign up for classes is tomorrow o'clock 
- cannot now justify buying things for new shared abode that i had been planning on for three months
- least importantly (THOUGH IT FEELS MOST IMPORTANT) my fic for ksrelativity was due MONDAY..... and i had it all outlined and ready to type up and flush out with two days to spare WHEN THE SKY FELL ON ME and the deluge completely destroyed all of my notes.... am now inching my way back to where i was BUT I DON'T WANT TO.... cause it hurts to not remember exactly where i was going with this and i feel SUPER GUILTY already for missing the deadline like a douche 

better short version:

christian bale = james taylor???

 was reading through Rolling Stone (really the only 'news' i allow myself) and came across a picture of young James Taylor.... i for serious thought it was a picture of Christian Bale

don't believe me?

click and see for yourselfCollapse )

WTF guys 

i.. umm... a little help???

 Rambling half-plot under the cut + pretty boys to reward you for clicking

Okay, Okay, so I sort of let my mind wander while at work today and may have possibly stumbled upon the basics of a plot for my k/s relativity fic (k/s plot using the four prompts: on a road, rock climbing, vulcan lute, unicorn).... however i could really use some help if any of you have any ideas on how to piece them together or really any ideas at all at this point PLEASE let me know.... 

Rambling half-plot under the cut+ pretty boys to reward you for clickingCollapse )



i accomplished something!!!

 My art for spacebigbang ? DONE

I feel like it may in fact be party-time

that being said.... OH MY GOD my ksrelativity  fic is due the 18th and i have ZERO words written and NO DECIDED PLOT *headdesk*

yeah... and lets not even talk about my startrekbigbang plzkthnx

so really... i deserve less applause and more *angryface*

CON crash

 I had a marvelous time at my science fiction convention, three years running with little to no drama, i think my group of friends may have finally mastered this drama-free-fun-times thing... that or we've weeded out the dramatic from our circle of friends... either way-

that said, i do believe i'm suffering from con-crash now... not that it wasn't amazing and wonderful... but that many people *shudder* i seem to be able to delay my introverted reaction for a couple of days (with the help of copious amounts of alcohol... or at least copious amounts in my book, which actually translate into ANY alcohol) but now i'm totally paying for it

so i guess what i'm saying is FUN TIMES and also *SADFACE*

pretty baby please don't goCollapse )
 I am sick of scrapbook making pictures small, and so i'm going to go back to uploading the boys directly (and pray that the previous foul-up was a one-off)

clicky for the prettyCollapse )