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why did no one tell me that Colonel Sheppard was adorable?!?!?!?!... I mean in personality, I'd seen pictures of course, but I would have watched this show (and therefore had a new fandom) WAY SOONER if i'd known
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Whenever I see this photo of Chris I can't help thinking of AU's where Kirk is some sort of demon out of Supernatural... or maybe an angel? or maybe just a secret agent with a wicked side, but no matter which it is, Sulu is obviously his.... handler

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Went out to the club for the first time in what (distressingly) appears to be almost a year. Took in the drag show before dancing and now can't get the idea of Sulu (or Eames) as a drag queen and Kirk (or Arthur) as a regular who only tips Sulu (or Eames) ... lots of ribbing and speculation from supporting cast members and somehow things develop from there

SO... what songs would Sulu (or Eames) perform to??

also... how to side-step from performer/fan dynamic to romancy shmoop??

input much appreciated as i need this fic like burning and figure if i want it... well, i'm just going to have to write it aren't i??
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hey there

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so.... i'm alive...

I managed to get my heaping crap-ton of stuff all to the right place over the course of this last week.... i knew that i had a ridiculous amount of books and clothes... but i had no idea that i had accumulated this truly ridiculous amount of stuff over the last three years

We have managed to unpack and set up the kitchen and the living room so far (holy shit seven six foot bookcases worth of books o_0) but i have made absolutely no progress on getting my stuff sorted through at all what with the working ALL THE TIME and trying desperately to get ready for school

also, i have no internet at the new place and probably wont for a while still so updates will be few and far between for a bit, but hopefully the next time i manage to hop on here i'll either have a long enough chunk of time to read and comment on all of the lovely fic i've missed or to actually post something of my own

we'll see

in short: hoshit life got real, and *hugs* to all you amazing folks, hopefully i'll be seeing more of you soon